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About Koken

This Help Center provides support for Koken, a free content management system designed for photographers, artists and designers.


Editing, customizing and publishing your Koken site.

  • Site overview

    Site is for editing all aspects of your published web site. The area is divided into three views: Themes, Draft and Live. Themes All sites are published using themes. Koken in installed with a default Elementary theme. Additional free and premium themes are available for installation through the Koken Store. ...more

  • Add a favicon to your site

    A favicon is a "favorites" icon. They're the small icons you see in your web browser's tabs, bookmarks, location bar, and other places. This tutorial will explain how to add a favicon to your Koken site. Download and install the HTML Injector plugin Before we talk about creating icons you'll need to install t...more

  • Add filtered content pages

    Want to display a page of albums assigned a particular category? A page of images assigned a particular tag? You can do both and more by adding links to new template pages in Site. Follow along and we'll show you how. What we're building For demonstration purposes we're going to create a new page on our site ...more

  • Apply custom CSS to a theme

    Themes that include editable settings may be customized a variety of ways using the Settings panel. You can usually make a wide range of edits to a theme through there, but you may find yourself in situations where you'd like to change the appearance of an element that's beyond the Settings panel's reach. In these situ...more

  • Assign new front page

    Every theme has a particular template that is used to publish the front page of your site. You can change the page that is displayed by following these steps. First, click on "Site" in Koken's main navigation. The left column (see below) will display each of the navigation groups your current theme displays. The link ...more

  • Duplicate a site theme

    Koken's default Elementary theme, as well as most themes made available through the Koken Store, include customization options that may be edited through the theme settings panel. You may also add your own custom style markup to apply all sorts of modifications. We recommend Koken users stick to these options to ensure...more

  • Edit image quality and sharpness

    Koken publishes images using default values for quality and sharpness that are recommended for most publishers. You can see these values (and make edits to them) by clicking on Settings at the top of Koken then Image Publishing in the left column. In the content area will be an option for Quality / Sharpness. Uncheck t...more

  • Edit site links and labels

    Content created in Koken is viewed on your site using links provided by Koken. Though Koken generates these links automatically, their structure and labels may be edited to your liking. We'll explain how here. Editing slugs A "slug" is a unique identifier at the end of a URL. It is used when linking to si...more

  • Edit site navigation

    The left column in Site displays all the navigation links your draft is currently using. Links that fall under the "Primary" navigation group comprise the main navigation. Secondary navigation groups (e.g., links in the theme's footer) are also displayed here. It is through this column that you control how site visitor...more

  • Edit site URL

    Koken automatically publishes its web site to the directory where Koken is installed. You may change the address of your site by going to Settings > Site publishing inside Koken and editing the URL field, as shown below. For example, if you wanted your site to be viewed through the root of your domain (http://you...more
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