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This Help Center provides support for Koken, a free content management system designed for photographers, artists and designers.


Importing and organizing your images and videos.

  • Library overview

    The Library is where all your photos and videos are imported, edited and organized. Importing Images are videos may be imported to the Library a variety of ways, including drag-a-drop, our Publish Services plugin for Adobe Lightroom, Vimeo as well as Instagram. Check out our importing guide for detailed instr...more

  • Assign an image focal point

    Cropped images sometimes need an extra bit of finesse to look their best. The screenshot below shows what can happen when a portrait is assigned as an album cover and published in a theme. Looks kind of weird, right? Rest assured, we can fix this image's poor composition by assigning a focal point to the original im...more

  • Create albums and sets

    Library content is grouped together using Albums and Sets. Albums are for grouping images and videos, while sets are for grouping albums and other sets. In this article we'll explain how albums and sets are created, edited and published to your site. Creating albums and sets Click the plus button at the botto...more

  • Edit album covers

    Covers are visual previews of collections. They may be assigned to both albums and sets and are most commonly used for publishing thumbnails on a web site's albums page. This tutorial will explain how to assign, sort and remove covers. Default covers Koken automatically assigns as covers the first three image...more

  • Edit image published dates

    When an image/video is imported to the Library and published to your site it is assigned a Date published timestamp. This timestamp reflects the date an image/video was published live and is what you typically see on single image/video pages (if supported by your theme). Some photographers prefer timestamps to ref...more

  • Embed an image at an outside site

    Koken makes it easy to display a Library image anywhere outside the console. First, select the Library image you want use by clicking on it. Then click on the Share button at the top of the middle column (screenshot below). Click the Embed option. You will then see a window that looks like the image below. There...more

  • Encode videos for importing

    Koken provides basic support for video uploading and web site playback. This tutorial will explain how Koken handles video plus a few tips for encoding them on your desktop. Uploading Videos are uploaded to the Library the same way images are. Click "Upload" in the main navigation, then drag and drop videos i...more

  • Format images for importing

    Koken makes publishing images for the web easy. Upload a high-resolution original image and Koken creates seven different sizes for your web site. View your site using a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop and Koken automatically selects the best image size for top quality, web optimized images on every screen. B...more

  • Import images and videos

    Images and videos may be imported to Koken's Library through a variety of ways. This article will cover each available method to help you get content up and on your site. Drag-and-drop The fastest way to import images and videos is by dragging them from your local hard drive into the Library's middle column. ...more

  • Publish image download links

    Visitors to your web site may download images with your permission. This is controlled through the Maximum Download setting. The setting is turned-off by default, but may be enabled for every image you import or selectively assigned to individual images in the Library. How it works Before we get into specific...more
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