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This Help Center provides support for Koken, a free content management system designed for photographers, artists and designers.

Theme design

How to build a custom Koken theme.

  • Introduction to theme design

    Ready to build your own theme? Fantastic. Here are some things you should know before doing so. Themes All sites are published using themes. Even if you are building a one-of-a-kind site for yourself or a client, you need to package the site as a theme. Lens Lens is the name of Koken's template mark...more

  • Build your first theme

    This is the first in a multi-part series of articles explaining the basics of Koken theme creation. If you're a beginner, you're in the right place. We're going to keep it simple and construct a theme one template at a time. The theme won't be pretty, but will provide you with enough foundation to start flying on your ...more

  • Build your first theme - Part two

    In our first theme design tutorial we demonstrated how to build a basic portfolio site using the main Lens templates. We'll now go a step further by adding archive templates to view content by tag, category and date. We're also show how to modify the templates created in the first theme design tutorial to provide links...more

  • Build your first theme - Part three

    So far we've built a basic portfolio theme, then enhanced the theme to include archival pages for viewing content by tag, category or date. This article will continue to enhance our basic theme by incorporating timeline templates. These templates will display all your latest albums, album updates, content and essays as...more

  • Build your first theme - Part four

    This is the fourth (and final) article in a series of theme building exercises. If you missed the others we recommend going back to the beginning for this article will build upon prior work. Tags and categories can be assigned to all types of content in Koken — albums, sets, images/videos and essays. We explained how ...more

  • Add social media metadata and links

    This article provides tips for adding social media metadata and share links to your custom Koken theme. Metadata Whenever a link to a web site is shared on a social media platform, the page is scraped for images and text to create a preview of the link's destination. This can easily lead to non-optimal conten...more

  • Assign a template as the front page

    By default, themes use the index.lens template to display the front page of a site. Publishers can always assign a different front page through the Site editor, but as a theme designer you have the option of excluding index.lens and assigning a different template as the theme's default front page. Here's how to do it. ...more

  • Create a custom template

    Koken uses a default set of templates to display content on a web site. You should include most of these default templates in your custom theme, but you may also include custom templates for additional publishing options. We'll explain how in this tutorial. Template types There are two types of custom templat...more

  • Create a password protected login page

    For those who would prefer to share password-protected content as opposed to unlisted content with their clients, friends and family, we offer a premium Password Protect plugin. This plugin protects entire sites or individual albums and sets by displaying a login screen that asks site visitors to enter a password to co...more

  • Image loading and formatting

    This tutorial will cover one of Koken's most important features — image publishing. We'll first explain how image publishing works, then walk through a variety of code samples to help you achieve the look you want. Responsive media publishing Koken's image publishing may be different from other content manage...more
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