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Solutions for common problems

  • Published images are unusually bright

    There is a bug in the PHP 5.5.9 and PHP 5.5.10 libraries that causes published images to appear unusually bright, as if their exposures were ramped up by 4 stops. If you are experiencing this problem, contact your web hosting provider and request they upgrade their PHP library to 5.5.11 or newer. This will resolve the ...more

  • Raising upload file size limit

    The Library's importer works around server limits on uploaded file sizes by chunking large images into smaller bytes. This should work around any file size limits imposed by your server's PHP configuration, but does require you to be using a relatively recent web browser. If you experience problems or errors uploading ...more

  • Raising server memory limit

    PHP has a configurable memory limit to control memory allocation. Set too low and Koken may not function to its fullest potential. We recommend at least 64mb. You may check your server’s current PHP memory limit inside Koken by going to Settings > System. Here are a couple of ways you may raise this memory limit yo...more

  • Recovering a lost password

    If you are no longer able to access Koken due to a lost password there are a couple of ways to regain access. Here's how. Note: It is not possible to retrieve your password directly from the MySQL database. Koken stores the passwords in an encrypted format for your security, so do not attempt to retrieve or mod...more

  • Site links include index.php

    If Koken is installed on a web server that does not support Mod_Rewrite all site URLs include "index.php?" as part of their strings. Servers with Mod_Rewrite enabled do not see this. If you would like to remove "index.php?" from your URLs we recommend getting in touch with your web hosting provider and request they en...more

  • Site loads without any style

    Doesn't happen often, but every now and then someone publishing a web site with a new installation of Koken sees something like this: Beautiful, right? Maybe in 1994, but today...not so much. Check your .htaccess file If you installed Koken in a directory that once contained a copy of WordPress or some oth...more

  • Theme/plugin doesn't install

    If when trying to install a theme and/or plugin through the Koken Store you see an error message, or the installation starts and never finishes, it's likely Koken doesn't have permission to write files to your server. Try the following to resolve the issue. Connect to your site using your favorite FTP client. ...more

  • Not receiving emails

    Koken sends emails when recovering lost passwords as well as messages submitted through contact forms on your site. For this it uses your host server's PHP installation. For most users this should work okay, but email on self-hosted servers is prone to errors, so depending on who your hosting provider is you may experi...more
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