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This Help Center provides support for Koken, a free content management system designed for photographers, artists and designers.


Koken's built-in slideshow player for use in custom themes.

  • Pulse overview

    Pulse is Koken's built-in site slideshow player. It's pure Javascript, works in all browsers and mobile devices, and makes it easy for theme designers building their own themes to include slideshows as part of their page layouts. Editing slideshows When Pulse has been added to a template it becomes an editabl...more

  • Attributes

    The <koken:pulse /> template tag may be customized using attributes. Attributes are assigned using name/value pairs (e.g., name="value"). The table below displays all available attributes that may be assigned to the tag. Attribute Type Description Default ...more

  • Events

    Pulse broadcasts events to announce things happening in the player. Javascript developers may bind their own Javascript functions to Pulse’s events to perform functionality outside the player. How to setup a listener In the HTML document displaying Pulse add the following: <script> pulse.on( '...more

  • Methods

    Methods may be called on the Pulse instance to perform a variety of functions. You have access to all of the methods listed below. Playback .next() Loads the next item in queue. Returns Nothing .play() Begins automatic slideshow playback. Returns Nothing .pause() S...more

  • Adding Pulse to templates

    If you are building your own site theme you may use Pulse to display slideshows of content. This walkthrough will explain how Pulse may be added and formatted in site templates. How Pulse works Pulse may be added to any Lens template to display content. Pulse may load (if compatible) the native data of its pa...more

  • Adding external controls

    You can control Pulse's slideshow playback and behavior with your own external links. This walkthrough will show you how. Create external links First create the links that will control the slideshow. Next, assign each link a unique id. For example: <ul id="slideshow_nav"> <li> <a...more

  • Full screen slideshows with Pulse

    Koken's Pulse slideshow player may be sized to the browser viewport for presenting images full screen. To do so, first add the following to your style sheet: html,body { margin:0; padding:0; height:100%; width:100%; } Next step is to make the Pulse slideshow fluid. Here's how: <koke...more
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