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This Help Center provides support for Koken, a free content management system designed for photographers, artists and designers.

Plugin development

Introduction to plugin development and reference material

  • Introduction to plugin development

    Beginning with version 0.2.0, Koken includes a plugin API that allows you to build upon Koken's core features. A handful of plugins are available for you to download and use. The plugin API currently allows you to add functionality with filters, hooks and shortcodes. We'll briefly explain each type below. Devel...more

  • Building your first plugin

    To create your first plugin, create a folder inside the storage/plugins directory. Folder names should only contain alphanumeric characters, plus hyphens or underscores in place of spaces. It is very important that you name your folder uniquely so it does not conflict with other plugins. We recommend th...more

  • Building the Google Analytics plugin

    The following is a step-by-step guide on how the Google Analytics plugin for Koken was created. It covers many of the basic principles in plugin development and is a great case study for those wanting to begin developing plugins for Koken. Defining the requirements The requirements for the Google Analytics pl...more

  • Hooks

    Hooks are fired at particular points in Koken to signify that an event has taken place. Plugin developers can use these hooks to perform additional actions based on those events. API hooks album.create This hook is fired after an album is created. The album array is passed to the hook. No return response...more

  • Filters

    Filters allow plugin developers to modify the output of Koken. Filters can be applied to API responses, or the rendering of the published site. API filters api.album This filter is fired before an album object is output in the API. The filter is passed the current data array for the album and your filter...more

  • Shortcodes

    Developing a shortcode plugin begins like any other Koken plugin -- by creating a folder to contain your plugin in storage/plugins, then creating a plugin.json and plugin.php file inside. For more on that process, view the Getting started guide. Standard shortcodes take a piece of content or collection from the user's...more

  • Defining an oEmbed provider

    oEmbed is a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites. The simple API allows a website to display embedded content (such as photos or videos) when a user posts a link to that resource, without having to parse the resource directly. Koken supports oEmbed by allowing users to paste URL...more

  • Pulse plugins

    [Coming soon - instructions for building a plugin for Pulse]more

  • Labs

    This page contains links to experimental plugins our development team has worked on and shared for other Koken users to try out. These would be installed using your FTP client to the storage/plugins directory in the Koken folder. Chartbeat - Inserts Chartbeat tracking code into a published site. Font Awesome -...more
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