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This Help Center provides support for Koken, a free content management system designed for photographers, artists and designers.


Koken's markup language for creating custom themes.

  • What's new in Lens

    In this document we chronologically track recent edits and additions to Lens variables, tags and templates. This is low-level, nitty-gritty stuff that may only be of interest to theme designers. 0.21.0 (Mar 23, 2015) New helper classes added for contact form support This release of Koken includes suppo...more

  • Lens templates

    Koken's Lens system uses a defined list of templates to display managed content. The following is a list of every Koken template and the relative URLs each are accessed through. Template Description URL album.lens Displays a single public or unlisted album. /albums/title/ albums.lens Displays all top public ...more

  • Lens variables

    Variables display simple string data, like an album title. Some variables are global and may be used anywhere while others are used with specific data sources. Variables are wrapped with double curly braces and may used independently or inside traditional HTML tags. Here's an example of a variable used independently t...more

  • Lens tags

    Lens template tags render HTML elements or conditionally load data. They are formatted like traditional HTML tags and may be customized with attributes. The following is a list of all supported Lens template tags, plus examples of each. Labels You'll notice color labels appended to each tag. These labels indicate...more

  • Lens events

    The Lens template system fires several custom JavaScript events during different phases of the page loading process. Theme authors may bind JavaScript listeners to these events to provide additional functionality or to adjust their layouts when necessary. k-resize The k-resize fires after the standard window ...more

  • Helper classes

    Koken adds unique HTML classes to dynamically published content for targeting purposes in style sheets and Javascript code. Here's a list of all the classes you can expect to see. General .k-note - Wraps fallback text output by <koken:navigation>, <koken:pulse> and <koken:note>. L...more

  • Settings

    Settings allow publishers to edit a theme's appearance in the site console. This walkthrough will explain how to incorporate settings into your theme. Create a setting Let's demonstrate how settings work with a basic example. We're going to allow publishers to control whether tagline text is published in the ...more

  • Setting types

    This document is a developer's reference for creating theme settings. Be sure to read the settings overview for background information on how these are implemented. Settings types are assigned using the type attribute. Each type is demonstrated below. select For displaying a select element containing one or ...more

  • Styles

    Styles provide site publishers with alternate theme appearances. This walkthrough will explain how Styles work and how to enhance your custom theme to support them. To see a live example of Styles, preview Koken's built-in Elementary theme. Open its Settings panel and you'll see a "Styles" drop-down containing col...more

  • Navigation groups

    Navigation links in themes are defined by navigation groups. Every theme uses Koken's primary navigation group for its main navigation. Secondary navigation groups may be added by theme developers to display additional link lists (e.g., a theme's footer, side columns, etc). We'll explain how to create a secondary navig...more
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