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Strange behavior of koken:time Lens-Tag

Tim Dohle

Dec 16, 2014 08:06PM EST


I've been using koken for a while now and it is great! I use the regale 2 theme but have a weird problem with the content-page…

First of all, I made some small adjustments, so that the alignment of the elements fits my needs. But that included just removing some divs and rearranging some of the lens-tags.

Unfortunately I don't know if the following error occured before that, but I think it did… It's pretty strange.

When I open a URL to a specific picture (e.g., the date is shown relative. The same if I reload the page.
But if I now go back and forth, the date is shown the right way - as an absolute date. In the source-code the tag is just written in the default way:
<koken:time />

I also tried adding the options to it, but nothing helped:
<koken:time data="{{ content.captured_on }}" relative="false" />

The strange part is, that if a page was already loaded and the content-page is loaded dynamically, the date is shown correctly. Only if I directly open the deep-link to the picture, the date is shown relative.

I also tried going deeper into the code and looked at the time() function in /app/site/Koken.php… At the end of this function the code is echoed, so I modified the output before $text, to look if I am in the right function (kind of like a debug output to check whether I am on the right way in your code).
And now I am even more confused! Again, everytime I open the page directly it simply shows the relative date and if I paginate, or open the picture from the grid it shows the absolute date including my "mark" that I put in the code.
It seems if the <time>-Tag is modified afterwards by JS or something, otherwise it would have to show the output that I hardcoded into the Koken-Core, wouldn't it?! So I don't think it has to do with the realtive-option of the time Lens-Tag, but something else…

Do you have any Idea how I can fix this? Or can you reproduce this on your side?

Thank you and best regards,
Tim D.

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