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API error on Dreamhost


Oct 16, 2014 10:33AM EDT

I've also emailed this to support with my ftp info

I have installed koken successfully for 4 separate sites. They are all hosted by Dreamhost under the same user. The first two are registered with Dreamhost. The other two are registerd with godaddy.

I have attempted to install koken for a 5th domain registered at hover but keep getting the error:

API Error
The theme is not able to make contact with your Koken installation. Contact your host to see if they are blocking loopback connections."

At fist I had installed it under a different user name but have since changed to the user I have all the other koken sites on. I have deleted and reinstalled this many times, clearied the api and cache files, tried different users and different web directories but keep getting the same error. Dreamhost says they are not blocking loopback connections and cannot figure out what makes this site different then the others.

The last thing I did, which has it partially working, is install koken for a different domain and assign both the new and original domains to the same web directory.

The original domain is here.
and the second domain is here .

They both go to the same web directory and should load the same site. The only difference between the two is the original is registered at hover and the second is registered with dreamhost. The second domain works but the original is inconsistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get the API error and sometimes I just get the header and footer with no images.

I have noticed the following pattern: If I visit the site under the original domain I get the API error but if I visit it at the second domain it works. It will then work on the first domain when I reload the page after visiting it on the second domain. This method works even if the second domain is visited from a different computer and location. Sometimes I have to visit each individual page on the second domain before it will load correctly on the first domain (I’ll just see the header and footer with no image). When I access the admin page not all images will load (i get the spinning arrow). If I visit the first domain after the admin page I get the API error again until I visit the second domain.

These two posts make me think that the issue may be a DNS problem but I don’t understand enough about that to know. I've tried patching the koken.php file as suggested by the 2nd post but I either did it wrong or it didn't work.

My site shows the same symptoms as Johannes from the first post. Sometimes it works, sometimes I get the API error and sometimes I just get the header and footer with no images.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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Oct 18, 2014 10:39AM EDT
I received some feedback from Dreamhost support

"I apologize for the delayed response. Your error log is empty so it seems
that your application is not triggering any server side errors. I've
turned off "Extra Web Security" for the domain and it should hopefully
help check it again and see if that helps. If you still continue to see
issues let us know and we will continue to assist you further. "

Website is now working but they wound up turning "extra web security" off for the second domain which always worked and not the original domain. All my other domains with working koken installations have "extra web security" enabled so while it seems to be working better, it doesn't appear that anything was done fix it.

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