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Tiny thumbnails on Firefox


Oct 02, 2014 10:30AM EDT


I know this issue has been raised a couple of times but as it still isn't solved I would like to put some focus on it again: the issue with randomly loaded tiny thumbnails when loading album pages in Firefox.

I had a look at the source code and tried to look at the faulty page with an html inspector and this is what I found:

I have tried to have a look at the issue on a page with problems (set page with two albums inside - the first album thumbnail has regular size, the second is tiny).

When looking at the page source everything looks alike for these two images:

1st image:
<img width="100%" alt="Concerts &amp; Festivals" data-lazy-fade="400" class="k-lazy-loading" src=",large.1395084883.jpg" />

2nd image:
<img width="100%" alt="Travel &amp; Holidays" data-lazy-fade="400" class="k-lazy-loading" src=",large.1397818537.jpg" />

But if I look at the same page with an html inspection tool the two images do show differences:

1st image:
<img style="opacity: 1;" alt="Concerts &amp; Festivals" src=",384.256.85.60.crop.1395084883.jpg" data-lazy-fade="400" class="k-lazy-loaded" data-visibility="public" data-retain-aspect="3:2" data-respond-to="width" data-presets="tiny,40,60 small,67,100 medium,319,480 medium_large,532,800 large,682,1024 xlarge,1065,1600 huge,1363,2048" data-base="," data-extension="1395084883.jpg" width="384" height="256">

2nd image:
<img style="opacity: 1;" alt="Travel &amp; Holidays" src="," data-lazy-fade="400" class="k-lazy-loaded" data-visibility="public" data-retain-aspect="3:2" data-respond-to="width" data-presets="tiny,60,40 small,100,67 medium,480,320 medium_large,800,533 large,1024,683 xlarge,1600,1066 huge,2048,1365" data-base="," data-extension="1397818537.jpg" width="24" height="16">

Here you can see the different width and height for both images at the end of the tag (384x256 vs. 24x18).

it looks like the issue is linked to the responsive design of koken. When you look at the img-tags above you see that the first one loads image,384.256.85.60.crop.1395084883.jpg (which has a size of 384x256), while the second loads image, (size 24x16).

Where does this come from? It looks like the source (width=100%) is ok, but somehow Firefox is computing different sizes for these images. Why?

Then I sent the page through two html5 validators ( and and i came up with this error message:
"Error: Bad value 100% for attribute width on element img: Expected a digit but saw % instead."

Would this information help to come closer to the root of the problem?

Even if we know that the problem only exists in Firefox we cannot urge page visitors to use a different browser. Thus the problem has to be solved in Koken, I'm afraid.

Thanks, Carsten

P.S.: I wrote the same already in an old thread ( but I assume these are not monitored any longer, are they?

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Oct 03, 2014 09:05AM EDT
would love to get this fixed.
using ubuntu and firefox beta 33 here. happened for months on a friends axis 1 site.

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Oct 20, 2014 09:57AM EDT
Koken is really nice, but this issue is pain!
Please Koken team give it a start and deliver us from evil tiny thumbs. ;-)
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Nov 24, 2014 04:48PM EST
Same issue here (Firefox 33.1.1 on Windows OS, using the Repertoire theme).

It doesn't happen all the time (seems random indeed), and after a page refresh the photo's appear in the correct size.

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