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Album splash clicking on content

Camille Sablé

Aug 28, 2014 11:01AM EDT

Hello everybody

I'm creating my website with Koken
I'm trying to custom it
here is the link :

It's a really simp website : just fullscreen pictures and a menu on the top with different categories (my website is my online portfolio -> architecture).

I've modified the album's page as I wanted, with the titles, description in french an english : (site under construction, texts are false)

I also want a page with all the images (photography, architecture, design, edition …) as this one :

Until here, everything goes well, the problems comes now:
When I click on a pictures of my mosaic, I would like to see a page as this one (fullscreen pictures of my albums, example here :
Currently it's almost the same (to see it, here :
But my problems are :
1 - when I click on a picture, it's not the same pictures in the next page (fullscreen).
2 - I would like to have title and description (as here :, but changing when clicking on the different pictures of the slide show)

I hope you've understood my problems (and my english, as I'm French …)

I hope you would find a solution for me

Best regards


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Todd Dominey Koken Agent

Sep 01, 2014 09:58PM EDT

Camille – I think what’s happening on the content page (where the mosaic lmages click through to) is that the Pulse slideshow on that page is loading your Featured Content from the Library instead of the image that page should be loading. Can you check the koken:pulse tag in your content.lens template to see if it has any “source” or “data” attributes assigned to it? If it does, remove those from koken:pulse and reload the page to see if the correct image then displays.

As for displaying a title / caption with your slideshow, what you’d have to do is listen to the events that the Pulse slideshow is broadcasting (with Javascript) then write that data to an HTML element for display. We cover events here:

For an example of this I’d recommend viewing the source of storage/themes/elementary/index.lens. It has a title/caption output for its front page slideshow.

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Camille Sablé

Sep 15, 2014 02:49PM EDT

Ho great, thank you for your answer !

It's working a little bit, but not exactly as I would

First : the source of my koken:pulse is "contents". If I remove it, nothing appear in the slideshow. Contents is actually the correct images I want to display. The only problem is, if I click on any image of my mosaic, the next page with the slideshow inevitably starts with the FIRST image of the contents datas (the first image in the library "content". How could I make start the slideshow with the picture I clicked before ?

Second : I managed to show a changing title for my picture. I'm glad of it. However, I would like each picture to be named with the title of the album they belong to, but not the title of the actual picture.

Thank you
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Todd Dominey Koken Agent

Sep 17, 2014 09:56PM EDT

Camille – right now there isn’t a way to display an album title/link when loading content from “contents”. We’re planning on developing that. It is currently possible when the slideshow source is an album, but not when images are loaded from outside of the album.

As for the problem with the slideshow you’re developing, it might be easiest for us to understand what’s happening if we could see it in action. If you could share a URL here or contact us privately with that information we can take a look when we get a chance.

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Camille Sablé

Sep 27, 2014 11:46AM EDT

I am quite sad that there is not (for now) a solution for my problem.
But no worries, I will wait for it :-)

You wanted me to share a link, here is it :
(than click on a picture and you will see the slide show beginning with the same picture every time, title changing, etc …)

Let me know you will have found a solution

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Todd Dominey Koken Agent

Sep 30, 2014 01:06PM EDT

Camille – yeah I think you’re going to have issues if you try to use a slideshow in content.lens. I believe it would be a better experience if those links in that mosaique page either linked to Koken’s built-in lightbox or if you linked to content.lens without the slideshow.
To support the lightbox you’d change their links to this:

koken:link lightbox=“true”

If you’d rather not do that and use content.lens instead, I’d remove the slideshow code and add the koken:img template tag instead. You could then add pagination to neighboring images if you wanted that.

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