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More 0.17.2 problems - internal server error on cached images

Alex Charlton

Aug 18, 2014 02:16PM EDT

My Koken install was working dandy until the update to 0.17.2. The first issue I noticed was the content.tags lens tag is now blank, which in this case is serious as we're using tags to define the display of different types of images.

Another problem has arisen however, wherein certain images are throwing a 500 Internal Server Error in Lightbox view. It's unclear why some do and some don't, but when I examine the cache folder via FTP I can see that the problem images have a suffix of '.lock'.

This wasn't happening before - and we need to get the site back in action ASAP. Can you help?

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Team NetObjects Koken Agent

Aug 18, 2014 02:57PM EDT

Hi Alex – First, the content.tags issue. Tags changed to an array format in 0.17, so the proper way to output them as a string is now:

For the image processing issue, what is listing as the processing library in Settings > Image publishing? If there are other options in the dropdown, does choosing one of them resolve the issue?

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Alex Charlton

Aug 18, 2014 03:18PM EDT
Hi Brad, thanks for the reply.

I saw that updated syntax in the tags reference but it said the field parameter was optional..? In any case, I'm currently using it in a custom template like this:

<koken:if data="content.tags.first" equals="360">

What's the new way to write this?

On the image / 500 issue, system reports GD Lib. The error now seems to be intermittent however, so may be hosting-related. Let's hold this one for now until I can be sure what the chain of events is.
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Aug 18, 2014 03:35PM EDT
re tags -

how can we now access tags in pulse ? I used to have code like[i] - but that no longer work too ... ?
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Team NetObjects Koken Agent

Aug 18, 2014 03:40PM EDT

It would now be this:

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Alex Charlton

Aug 18, 2014 04:18PM EDT
Thanks very much Brad, that's had the right effect.

Now for a moan (which I hate doing, because Koken is free, and in the most part, great - so please understand this is meant to be constructive)...

We created a custom theme for Koken, something which I imagine you'd like to see more people doing so as to grow the Koken ecosystem, and put it into action for a client on a live site which has just been launched - he's now poised to go out and start promoting his work to new customers. As an aside, I also run workshops for graduates in photography and related subjects, and I frequently recommend that they try out Koken as a platform on which to create their own sites, as it has one of the best dedicated photo-management interfaces that i've seen on the web.

Therefore, making a syntax change such as this with no reference in the release notes is rather disturbing, and makes me really nervous about working with Koken and recommending it to others in the future. I understand that codebases have to develop, but the usual practice would be to deprecate one method whilst bringing in the new one, and only remove it once a few releases had passed and sufficient warning had been passed to developers.

In creating new themes we need to be confident that what we construct will continue to work, at least between minor version releases, and that if something significant is changing, that the change won't happen without any warning.

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