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Axis -2 questions


Aug 14, 2014 05:46PM EDT

HI ,

in new Axis-2 ,

a) is it possible to configure album grid - like it was in prev axis from size point of view - i.e. I would like to see grid with the same size of images aligned on the same level , if there is more text in captions at one than shift whole next row . ( tryed this variants setiing - seems always they some albums covers are smaller than others) , but ideally unlike prev axis - ideally they should expand to fill whole screen , i.e. if I have say 6 albums - I want to see 3x2 albums - with each cover be size = max what would fit without scrolling

b) about sizing of pulse - what I would like to see it a page without any scrolling , but pulse taking max available space in height i.e. height = size of browser window - (header+footer+navigation) , i.e. always expand heigh of the image - to max which would not involve scrolling , previously I was just adding more gradual media queries and seting height for specific browser window size - but that not proper way obviously

c) in content page - again use max screen available - i.e. number of column make dependent on width and not just limit to 3 but have as many as fit into browser width


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Aug 14, 2014 05:52PM EDT
ah , forgot -

Tags , obviously need page with alphabetical pagination instead of numeric , and within each page like "A" sort tags which starts with A again alphabetically

( btw it looks like a bug anyway in tags page to the last pagination - i.e. it was empty to me , but number of items seems to be growing from page to page i.e. on page with pagination 1 there were less items than on pagination 5 , but page 6 was empty)
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Aug 14, 2014 06:01PM EDT
small clarification about p2 pulse ,

i.e. heigh is fixed to max with no scrolling , but width variable based on content , i.e. I have some photos 2:3 but some say 3:4 - I want to have them in pulse at the same height , have no crop , but 2:3 to be wider up to full browser window width propertianalyy to height , i.e. broswer widdow in 1000px heigh , 200px say header / footer , so pulse should be 800px heigh , but width for 2:3 correspondently min( window_width , 800*2/3) , but for image with 3:4 proportion min ( window_width , 800*3/4 )
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Todd Dominey Koken Agent

Aug 15, 2014 09:39AM EDT

Alexey – a number of people commented that they didn’t like the mix of equal height rows and mosaic rows in the original Axis, so for this go-around of the theme we standardized everything to use a mosaic layout. You could achieve something similar to equal height rows by assigning a crop to the images (say 3:2) and then writing album summaries of somewhat equal character length, assuming you’re displaying them.

As for the question about pulse, are you talking about the front page of the theme? If so, that slideshow automatically scales to the maximum amount of space within the browser window that will allow the images to be viewed without scrolling. Lots of people complained about that in the original Axis so we redesigned the slideshows to fit.

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Aug 15, 2014 12:17PM EDT
re pulse sizing - No it about a pulse in album slideshow , i don't have Home page with featured content so that page is disabled -

so yes it exactly about "images to be viewed without scrolling" + pulse expanded to use max available screen height without scrolling - so it the layout for front page is different to pulse in album page ?

In general I like new Axis -2 especially timeline/latest options , but would be nice not to loose features from original Axis , will anyway probably will do some customization ( i.e. it is not about settings for everything - happy to do some custom html/css ) - so was hoping for some advice how it would be better to display will old equal height album layout and "album summaries of somewhat equal character length" obviously not an option as it not generic fix:)
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Todd Dominey Koken Agent

Aug 17, 2014 12:13PM EDT

Correct. The slideshow sizing on the album page is different from the front page because album pages can display titles, descriptions, tags, categories, etc above the slideshow. So the area in which the slideshow appears is more variable than the front. Probably an overly-technical response there on my part but that’s how it currently is. We’ll keep an eye and ear out for improvements though!

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