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Doesn't upload photos after update.

Vicky Latorre

Oct 01, 2013 11:54AM EDT

I clicked on a button saying there is a newer version of koken available in the admin area. I haven't been able to upload any more photos after this. How can I fix this?
Thank you,


P.S. I'm using Windows Vista, PC, Opera Browser, Hostgator hosting services.

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Team NetObjects Koken Agent

Oct 01, 2013 12:09PM EDT

Vicky – What version of Opera are you using? Koken does not officially support older Opera versions, although things do seem to work well with Opera Next, the newer Opera version that uses Chrome’s Blink rendering system:

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Vicky Latorre

Oct 02, 2013 12:25PM EDT
Hi Brad - I was using Opera 16. I have upgraded to Opera Next. Thank you. I can now upload photos but I have to do the process more than 3 times to succeed. What I mean is after choosing the photos I want to upload from my pc, I click on the open button and it keeps popping up the same window a couple of times for wish I click cancel each time or it will duplicate the photo. Then I click the upload button (it shows exactly to wish album is going to upload) and when the page finish loading it shows the "last upload" page empty and when I go to the album page the photo is not there. I have to do this around 4 times before the photo shows in the album. So, in other words updating the Opera browser helped me to be able to upload photos but I need to spend time repeating the process to many times to succeed.

Now the Chrome browser has some issues that I haven't been able to figure out. My husband has a Chrome notebook wish works perfectly fine. I tried Chrome in my windows pc and is very super slow. I open the koken admin in Chrome before beginning to write you this and I just checked and the page still loading. It is like if I would of been using internet dial up all over again. I can't even check what version of chrome I have because it stay frozen. Chrome makes other programs in my pc very slow too. This doesn't happen when I use Opera or firefox. Do you have a link to download the latest of Chrome? I will really appreciate it.

Another question. I have noticed that when I used to update the Opera browser the other earlier versions used to remove them self automatically before the new version installs but right now I have Opera 12, 16 and Next installed in my pc. Do you think this is causing the problem for the koken? Would it be okay for me to remove the older vesions of Opera or will I mess the new version if I do this?

Sorry, if my questions sounds ridiculous at any moment. I don't have the education I'm sure you have in this area. I'm just a humble woman that love the Internet and wants to create a simple portfolio of my work. I find your koken software fascinating. It's clean, organize and professional without having to deal with html and css at all. I have tried numerous softwares for portfolios and shopping carts and I always have to stop using them when they get mess up after updating them. After trying koken is my favorite and I would love to keep using it. Do you think I should reinstall it and ignore the upgrade to the newer versions after that? Does the reason for updates has to be with a security issue?

Thank you so much for your help and valuable time.
You guys should put a button here where we can buy you a beer or donate something for the help and time you guys give us.
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Simon Grossi

Oct 10, 2013 04:44AM EDT
Since the update I have an upload problem. The upload is impossible (The upload bar progress but in the end nothing happens..) I tested with differents browsers.
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Team NetObjects Koken Agent

Oct 11, 2013 12:15PM EDT

Simon – Can you send me the URL, username and password for your Koken install so I can take a look? support[at]

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