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Images not loading in Firefox, Safari, Chrome63 and sometimes IE


Feb 05, 2018 12:49PM EST

here's a description of my issue with the picture loading. Can you please give some advise?
I actually wanted to start advertising but can't because of the current issue.

Thank you!

NOT working
When I call the albums of my website, the loading of the pictures in names browsers will never end.
I will see a grey colored placeholder and the loading symbol.
Only if I hit refresh-the-page, the pictures will show.
I tried this on with the browsers on Mac and also on Windows.

The loading on the console is working sometimes if I recall correctly. Right now, it's not working.
Only if I scroll down all the way. Then it will show the lower pics but never the ones on the top.

I wanted to say that the internet explorer is the only exception.
It did work perfectly this morning on the pc, but now on my tablet it's showing the same effect.
Loading forever unless I hit "refresh".

affected menue points:
- Trips (collection)
- Objects (album)

The picture loading in menue points here is working smoothly:
- homesplash
- diamonds (favourites)

System Info

PHP Version 7.2.2
MySQL Version 5.5.5-10.1.26-MariaDB-0+deb9u1
Server operating system Linux
Webserver software Apache/2.4.25 (Debian)
Image processing GD 2.2.4
FFmpeg Not installed
Memory limit 512MB
Upload file size limit 256MB
EXIF/IPTC parsing Supported

You may checkout my pages yourself:


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Team NetObjects Koken Agent

Feb 06, 2018 12:01PM EST

Everything appears to be working properly with no errors.

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Feb 07, 2018 11:50AM EST
Sorry, but it's not working fine.
Please try this:

1. open Chrome Browser + full screen
2. paste this url
3. the pictures will most likely load and show
4. click on "objects" in the menue (picture should load)
5. click back on "trips" and "miami beach"
6. in my case, i tried that approx 10 times, the pictures in the album will not show anymore.
Only if I scroll down so far, until the picture placeholder on the very left side in the album, which in my case is only visible half, is fully displayed within the browser area. Then all the pictures will suddenly show.

Sometimes, when I let the miami beach album load longer and switch back to "objects", then even the one pic in objects doesn't show anymore.
Then I switch back and forth between "objects" and "Diamonds" for a while until the picture within "objects" does show again.

It's weird.
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Team NetObjects Koken Agent

Feb 07, 2018 11:50AM EST

We’ve clicked all over your site and cannot reproduce any errors you’re reporting.

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Feb 08, 2018 08:09AM EST
Well, thank you for trying.

I did repeat the test with friends of mine.
They experience the same issues on my site.
I had it with Chrome and Firefox.
Firefox seems to be more reliable in showing the reported effect.
I don't understand how this does not appear in your tests.

I reproduced this on my windows tablet in Firefox+Chrome.
Also on my Macbook using both browsers. It does not reliably happen in Chrome, but in Firefox.
Maybe it depends on the screen size, and how many picture frames have to be visible at once, I don't know. But if I do just wait and NOT scroll, then the pics keep loading forever.

I am using up to date browsers and tested this scenario with different internet providers for accessing the internet and also different operating systems, even on my android cell phone.

I would upload a video recording of my tests, but I don't see an opportunity for attachments in this form.
Fact is, that it keeps blocking my business and I am trying everything I can to find the issue.
In the internet explorer it always works perfect.

Do you have any advise what else it could be?
Is there very particular webspace configurations which need to be given and somehow depend on the browser?
I already did demonstrate the long loading times to my webhoster but he couldn't explain either what causes it.
But if you have any other pointers what could cause that kind of behavior, I will adress it and see if there is things to optimize on that side.

Thank you!
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Feb 12, 2018 09:31AM EST

Not by the support team, but myself. The issue was real.

For anyone running into this error:

1. Take a deep breath
2. Don't waste any more time researching
3. Reinstall the whole CMS, including your theme
4. Re-create your albums and all. Things should work fine again.

The root cause? I can only guess that something got messed up during setup or old code was used.
Earlier I also received XML errors stating that code wasn't "well formed". Well, it wasn't mine.

Finally I can sleep again!

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