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Sugestions to make koken even better

Bjarne Varöystrand

Mar 27, 2015 10:49AM EDT

Hi there guys!
I have now used Koken for a little more than three months, and during this time i have found many areas where Koken is superior (IMHO) to other CMS: but also areas where Koken could do with some "more love"

The praise areas are a bit to long to talk about here: everyone that uses it knows them al to well...

The areas where Koken is laking (once again IMHO) is:
1) The community!
We should really have some place to turn with "small questions" that could easily be answered by "us"
As it looks right now, many questions in the support area of Koken is left unanswered!
Even questions that could be crucial for the Koken-admin in question: which could lead to people turns to other solutions!

2) A "Snippet library"!
A simple Github repository with code snippets that we can use to even more customize our installations and share our own "findings"

3) Image cache!
This is a area where i have found Koken to most frustrating!
Image Caches that "suddenly" is empty/gone
Images that are "pixalated"
No way to easily recreate a certain images cache
No way to manually create cache for new images from admin (other than "creating" it manually by visiting the image in the public page, which is VERY tedious, especially when you need to recreate the whole image cache after altering ONE! change to the settings!)

There are pseudosolutions out there, as: (but noting that seems to work with the latest version of Koken)
A "one-click solution" would be more than nice to fall-back on.

I know that there are issues surrounding this, but imho this is the one area that the Koken-team really needs to address, neglecting to do so will cause people to ditch Koken for other solutions that already have this in place.

4) A "site-library"
A simple "this is my wonderful koken-site"
I believe that there are many more koken-sites out there than is shown in the theme library.
Let users "show of" there sites, let us "inspire" each others to further "push the limits" to what can be done with Koken themes.

This got a bit "lengthy" but i really hope some of you guys can take some time of and reply to some of the suggestions/questions here.

Best regards
Bjarne Varöystrand -

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May 09, 2015 03:25PM EDT
Pre-Caching is desperately needed.
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Bjarne Varöystrand

May 10, 2015 02:42PM EDT
Cant agree more Pegmonkey!

The whole caching needs to be rewampt...
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Jun 09, 2015 09:44PM EDT
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Jun 14, 2015 03:43PM EDT
Pre-caching is really needed. I added some lines to .htaccess, but Koken is still slower then my installation of Lychee regard image loading. It is ultra fast, but all JS without even basic "SEO"- stuff and no themes.

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