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Edit theme slideshows

Edit theme slideshows

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2014 08:30AM EST

Slideshow dimensions, behavior, transitions and other options are edited through Site. Click "Site" in Koken's main navigation, then navigate to a page containing a slideshow. Mouseover the slideshow and an edit button will appear in its top-right corner.

Click the button and you'll see an "Edit slideshow" panel like the one below.

The panel contains the following options:

  • Dimensions / Size — Assigns slideshow width and height. "Auto" assigns a dimension that will display all assigned images at the same relative size. The aspect ratio options (3:2, etc) assign proportional dimensions using the width of the area the slideshow appears in. "Expand" automatically expands and contracts the slideshow's height to present all images at their native size.
  • Playback / Auto — Automatically moves from one image to the next when checked.
  • Playback / Loop — Controls what happens when reaching the last image. When checked the slideshow returns to the first image automatically.
  • Playback / Random — Mixes-up the order of images when loaded.
  • Playback / Speed — How long each image is visible before requesting the next one.
  • Images / Click action — What happens if an image is clicked or tapped. As explained above, this setting may be overridden when inserting a slideshow in Text.
  • Images / Crop — How slideshow images are formatted. Set to "None" by default, which means images are displayed at their original aspect ratio with no cropping. "Fill" fills and crops images to the dimensions of the slideshow, "Adaptive" fills and crops only images with aspect ratios similar to the slideshow, "Landscape" fills and crops only images with horizontal aspect ratios and "Portrait" fills and crops only images with a vertical aspect ratios.
  • Transition / Style — Style of transition applied when moving from one image to another. Options include "None", "Dissolve", "Fade" (default) and "Slide". See our Transition Pack plugin for more styles.
  • Transition / Duration — Length of transition in seconds.
  • Allow swiping — Enables swiping on touch screens. This automatically changes the transition style to "Slide" and allows viewers to move forward and backward in a slideshow using their phone, tablet or other touch-enabled display.

When finished click the "Publish changes" button at the bottom right of the Site editor to update your live site.
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