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Add filtered content pages

Add filtered content pages

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2013 04:05PM EST

Want to display a page of albums assigned a particular category? A page of images assigned a particular tag? You can do both and more by adding links to new template pages in Site. Follow along and we'll show you how.

What we're building

For demonstration purposes we're going to create a new page on our site that displays albums assigned the category "Portraits". This will create a link labeled "Portraits" in our site navigation and allow visitors to browse only those particular albums from our collection.

Assign category

To start we'll need at least one album assigned the "Portraits" category. To assign a category to an album, click on "Library" in the console's main navigation, then click on any public album in the left column. The right "Inspector" column will display the album's properties, including "Categories". Click the "edit" link, as illustrated below:

A panel will appear to edit existing categories or add new ones. Enter "Portraits" into the "Create new category" field, then click "Create". The new category is assigned to the album, as shown below. Click "Done" to close the panel.

Add link to new template page

Click on "Site" in the console's main navigation, then "Add links" in the left column. In the sheet that appears, scroll down to the "Templates" area and click the plus button next to "Albums", as pictured below.

The current sheet will close and a new "Add new albums page" sheet will appear asking for link label. As you can see in the screenshot below we've labeled the link "Portraits" to match our category name.

Now to apply the filter. Toggle open "Page options" if not already open. We want to filter by category, so we click the select next to "Filter" and choose "By category". A new select then appears with all available categories, from which we choose "Portraits".

We then click the "Add link" button to create the link. A new link labeled "Portraits" then appears in the site's navigation. Clicking the link loads an albums page displaying all albums with "Portraits" as their assigned category.

Where to from here

Our example using albums and categories is but one way you can publish unique sections. You might consider publishing a list of uploaded content from a particular year, albums that are featured, essays marked with a particular tag, or anything else you'd like to call attention to.
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