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About Koken

This Help Center provides support for Koken, a free content management system designed for photographers, artists and designers.

Installation and setup

How to get Koken up and running

  • Installing Koken

    Ready to install Koken? Awesome. Here's how. 1) Create a database First step is to create a MySQL database for Koken to store its data. This is created through your web hosting provider, most often through an account control panel. Scribble down your new database's name, hostname, username and password — you'...more

  • Managed Hosting FAQ

    What is Managed Koken? Managed Koken is a subscription service that we set up, monitor and maintain to ensure the server environment is optimized for running Koken. We make sure your Koken installation is always up to date in an environment tuned specifically for the high demands of image and video processing. We provi...more

  • Setting up your Managed Koken Subscription

    Here’s how to get started with your new subscription.​ After purchasing, your subscription will be displayed in your store account. The Koken Store will automatically provision a new Koken installation for you. This process make take up to 30 seconds to complete. Once provisioning is complete, the progress bar will...more

  • System requirements

    Koken is software that requires a web server to setup and use. To install Koken you need to know how to create a MySQL database and be comfortable uploading files via FTP. Server requirements Koken requires a web server with at least the following software libraries installed. If unsure, contact your web host...more

  • Moving a Koken Installation

    To move your Koken installation complete the following steps in order: Move the Koken folder and the database to the new host. To reduce the amount of files to transfer you can exclude the contents of the /koken/storage/cache folder. Koken will recreate the cache as needed. Then update the storage/configuration/da...more

  • Selecting an image processor

    Koken creates images by using image processing software installed on your web server. Every web host includes at least one image processing library for applications like Koken to use. Most users don't have to concern themselves with processing libraries, for Koken automatically selects and uses the best processor your ...more

  • Glossary of terms

    This document is an alphabetical reference for all the terminology Koken uses in its console and documentation. If you aren't sure what something means, chances are it's on this list. Administrator (or Publisher) The individual with login access to Koken. Albums Albums are created in the Library to ...more

  • Installing Koken at DigitalOcean using Docker

    DigitalOcean is a web-hosting provider geared towards developers that offers SSD-based virtual servers (known as droplets) with excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Because setup is different at DigitalOcean compared to traditional web hosting providers, we've written this article to help you get Koken up and running. ...more

  • Recommended web hosting providers

    Koken is software that must be installed on a web server through a web hosting provider. Chances are if a host supports WordPress, Koken will work fine. When in doubt, share our system requirements with your intended hosting provider to ensure compatibility. There are lots of hosting providers out there, and not all a...more
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