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The Holy Grail – Lightroom / Koken / Retina Images / Web Hosts

Hans Rupert

Mar 09, 2018 03:00PM EST

TL;DR: Which Web hosting companies can deliver Retina/HiDPI images generated by Koken reliably 100% of the time? Just tell me.

Okay, I'm really at wits' end here. I've been a paying Koken user since it was "Slide Show Pro". But I've never been more exasperated and frustrated in my life with something. My goals are simple, and probably the same as many users here:

• Use Adobe Lightroom to manage my images, metadata, and publishing/updating collections to my websites.

• Use Koken to build my websites, and manage them in a sane manner (less time coding/updating – more time making photos.

• Serve up the very best quality images to my audiences. We've had Retina/HiDPI screens since the iPhone 4! (2010) The first iPad with Retina was 2012! In fact, all Apple's products except one have Retina/HiDPI displays now. All of them.

And here's the important part: as a photographer, I can see a clear difference in my photos displayed at their best resolution on a Retina capable device, vs. at their "normal" (old) resolution of 72dpi on the same Retina capable device. I'm sure as photographers, all of you can too.

My clients range from commercial ad agencies that are primarily using desktop machines/screens to consumers that are primarily using phone, tablet, and laptops. Even on my lowly iPhone 5SE with 4" screen I can tell the difference when I see a "normal" res image and a Retina/HiDPI image. Seriously; and I'm old!

• Web hosts that can handle this "Retina" technology. It's been on ALL screens for at least 5 years now. I've been with Dreamhost for almost 10, have 20 sites hosted with them, and in every other way am completely happy. Hell, I even upgraded to a VPS a few years ago just to speed everything up, and make sure that Koken & Wordpress had enough dedicated resources. But I've had it with Dreamhost. Koken used to recommend them, and Dreamhost used to support Koken, but neither seem to be talking to each other anymore.

I have been testing Koken & Dreamhost server settings combinations for the last week straight for a new website, and am completely exasperated. Using Koken to serve up Retina quality images DOES NOT WORK! I'm not going even discuss it anymore - I've completely had it (I got it working just once, but then it broke on the next upload from Lr). This is not rocket science. I have a fast connection (100+Mbs) and a paid Dreamhost VPS with plenty of dedicated resources. The biggest Koken generated Retina images ("*.2x") are <1MB, and most hover around 500K. Come on - this really shouldn't be that hard.

So, I ask you fellow Koken users: Does anyone use Koken to serve up Retina/HiDPI images successfully? And it so, which hosting provider do you use?

Please help a semi-suicidal man,

- Hans Rupert

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