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Duplicate a site theme

Duplicate a site theme

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2014 08:48AM EDT

Koken's default Elementary theme, as well as most themes made available through the Koken Store, include customization options that may be edited through the theme settings panel. You may also add your own custom style markup to apply all sorts of modifications. We recommend Koken users stick to these options to ensure site stability and so installed themes may be updated with new versions in the future.

If you're comfortable coding HTML however you might find yourself wanting to modify the .lens templates in your current theme. To do that you would need to duplicate your current theme, make edits to the copy, then assign that copied theme as your site theme. Here's how.

Duplicating a theme

  1. Connect to your server with your FTP client.
  2. Navigate to the koken/storage/themes folder.
  3. Duplicate the folder for the theme you want to customize and name the folder something unique (eg, "elementary_custom").
  4. Open the info.json file inside your duplicated theme's folder. Edit the theme's title at the top with a different name to avoid confusion in the Site console.
  5. Delete the koken.guid from your duplicated theme's folder.
  6. Not required, but you might also want to substitute a different preview.jpg file so you can tell them apart. Image should be 260px x 167px.
  7. Navigate to Site in the Koken console and click on "Themes" in the bottom row.
  8. Click on your duplicated theme, then click the "Use theme" button at top left.

Your duplicated theme should now be loaded. Feel free to edit any of the .lens templates or css documents using your favorite text editor.


If when you try to use your duplicated theme Koken becomes confused and displays update buttons next to your duplicated theme and the original default theme, there may be one extra file to delete. Older installations of Koken included an invisible ".guid" file in the root of their default themes. Using an FTP client, check to make sure "Show invisibles" (or other applicable setting) is enabled, then view your duplicated theme's folder. If you see a ".guid" file in there, delete it. That should resolve the problem for good.
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