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Introduction to plugin development

Introduction to plugin development

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2013 04:49PM EDT

Beginning with version 0.2.0, Koken includes a plugin API that allows you to build upon Koken's core features. A handful of plugins are available for you to download and use. The plugin API currently allows you to add functionality with filters, hooks and shortcodes. We'll briefly explain each type below.

Developing plugins requires intermediate to advanced programming skills, particularly in PHP.


Filters allow plugin developers to modify the output of Koken. Filters can be applied to API responses, or the rendering of the published site. For example, a plugin could filter the API response for content items to add a new property based on other data inside the content.

View all available filters


Hooks are fired at particular points in Koken to signify that an event has taken place. Plugin developers can use these hooks to perform additional actions based on those events. For example, a plugin could send a video file off for additional processing via a 3rd party application by tapping into the content.create hook.

View all available hooks


Plugins can also define new shortcodes that can be used inside pages or essays. Shortcodes are small snippets of text wrapped in square brackets (e.g. [my_shortcode param1="value"]). Your plugin can then expand those shortcodes when the page or essay is rendered.

Learn more about developing shortcode plugins

oEmbed providers

Koken's Text interface can be extended to recognize URLs from services that support the oEmbed standard. Adding support for oEmbed providers allows users to include content and media from other sites by simply pasting the URL to that media into a new line in their essay or page.

Defining an oEmbed provider

Server compatibility

Plugins should be written to support all servers that Koken supports. Use the current system requirements as a guide when developing your plugin.
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