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Installing Koken at DigitalOcean using Docker

Installing Koken at DigitalOcean using Docker

Last Updated: Dec 30, 2016 01:48PM EST

DigitalOcean is a web-hosting provider geared towards developers that offers SSD-based virtual servers (known as droplets) with excellent cost-to-performance ratio. Because setup is different at DigitalOcean compared to traditional web hosting providers, we've written this article to help you get Koken up and running. These instructions assume you are a web developer with basic server management skills, such as the ability to use SSH.


To install Koken at DigitalOcean we will be using our Docker image. This makes it very easy to get a droplet up and running.

1) If you haven't already, create a DigitalOcean account and add your billing info.

2) Sign in to your DigitalOcean dashboard, then click the Create Droplet button at the top.

3) Select One-click apps.

4) Then select Docker x.x.x on 16.04.

5) Under Select Size, make sure the 512MB / 1 CPU option is selected. This will be plenty of resources for most Koken sites, and you can resize the droplet later if required.

6) Select Region and select the location closest to you and those who will be visiting your site.

7) Next, you can optionally specify what SSH keys will be added to the droplet. If you don't use a SSH key your root password will be emailed to you. Learn more about how to setup SSH keys at DigitalOcean if you need help.

8) Enter the domain name you plan to use for your Koken website. After the droplet is created it will be assigned an IP Address. You'll need to change the DNS A record at your domain name registrar to associate the domain name to this IP Address.

Then click Create.


9) Once your droplet is created, you'll be redirected to the droplet overview that shows the new droplet's IP address. Copy the IP address to your clipboard, then open a terminal and connect via SSH. For the rest of this walkthrough, we'll assume the IP address is

ssh root@

10) Once you have successfully connected via SSH, setting up Koken is as simple as pasting this command in to the terminal and pressing return:

wget -qO - | bash

It will take a few minutes for the Docker image to download, then the script will setup the Docker container and begin running Koken. When the script completes you may connect to your new installation by loading the same IP address in your browser (e.g.


Setting up outbound email on DigitalOcean droplets is a somewhat complicated task, so we recommend installing the Email Endpoints plugin from the Koken Store and using it with your own SMTP server to ensure the emails are sent properly. This is especially important if you are using a contact form on your site, or if you ever need to retrieve a lost password.


Done! Koken should now be installed and ready-to-go with your DigitalOcean account.
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