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Sharing an installation between accounts

Sharing an installation between accounts

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 12:04PM EDT

A single installation of Koken may be registered with more than one Koken Store account. This functionality is provided for those who share their Koken installations with friends, colleagues or clients. Here are the necessary steps to authenticate an additional Koken Store account with your installation. 

1) Create primary account for yourself

If you haven't already, sign-in to your Koken installation and create a Koken Store account. Assuming this is the first time the installation has been registered with the store, you will be assigned as its administrator. You may then use the account to install free and premium items yourself and have administrative control over the installation's store registration.

2) Create account for other user

Your friend, colleague or client would then sign-in to your Koken installation. They would then click on Store and sign-in to their existing Koken Store account if one already exists, or create a new one. After doing either they will see the following screen.

3) Grant access

If they click Request access an email will be sent notifying you of their request. Click the authorize link in the email and your web browser will open the Koken Store. Sign-in if necessary and the Installations page will load. At the bottom will be buttons to Approve or Deny the request.

4) Contact is notified if approved

If approved your contact will receive a confirmation email. They will then see your installation in their account's Installations list and be permitted to independently install themes and plugins. ‚Äč


Those are all the necessary steps to allow another individual store access through your installation. If for any reason you need to revoke access you may do so through the same Installations page displayed above.
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