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Edit theme style and settings

Edit theme style and settings

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2014 04:11PM EDT

Every Koken theme offered through our store includes editable settings. These settings require no HTML experience to edit, and allow you to make small and large adjustments to every page in your chosen theme. This article will explain how theme settings are edited, saved and published.

Theme settings panel

Click the gear button at the top right of the Site editor (see below). A floating panel will appear over the draft preview of your site.

This panel includes all editable display settings for your theme. Settings are unique to the particular theme you are editing and are not transferable to other themes.

Theme and Template sections

You'll notice at the top of the panel two prominent buttons: Theme and Template (see below). Theme settings affect every page in a site while Template settings affect the template (plus related sibling templates, depending on your theme) rendering the page currently in view.

Setting types run the range of sliders, drop-downs, checkboxes and color pickers. Edit a setting and the draft preview underneath will either update immediately or refresh to show the change.

Saving draft edits

When you edit theme settings you are making edits to an unpublished draft of the theme. These edits are saved automatically and stored internally. They are not made public on your live site until you click the Publish changes button at the bottom of the Site editor. Anytime you change a setting the edit is saved with the draft, so you are free to enter and exit the Site editor all you want without losing changes.

Resetting theme settings

Select Theme at the top of the settings panel, then scroll down until you see the Reset section. Toggle the section open, then click the reset button inside to return all draft theme settings to their default values.

If your draft theme is used for your live site and there are unpublished draft edits, the reset button will split into two. Click the right button to reset all settings to their defaults (just like the above), or click the button on the left to drop all draft edits and return to the settings last published to your live site. This will effectively revert the draft theme to its live counterpart so they match.

Switching themes and settings

Anytime you switch themes (through Themes in the bottom row of Site) your current draft is saved. These drafts include any settings you've edited. This allows you to freely switch between themes in the draft view without affecting your live site or losing your edits. To view your saved drafts, click Draft history at the bottom of the Site editor's left column. Click a theme in open sheet (see below) and the draft will change to that theme plus any edits you've made.

If you select a new theme through Themes (button at bottom of Site editor), and that theme was previously saved as a draft, Koken will alert you (see below) and ask whether you'd like to start anew with the theme's default settings or load the saved draft.

Beyond settings

If what you're trying to edit isn't covered by a setting you can apply your own custom css to a theme. Even if you only know a little CSS you have the power to do all sorts of things using the editor.

Photos by Mike Monaghan, Creative Commons.
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